Cable and Connectors

Pierce System - Transfer electricity from transformer to light.

Use the Low Voltage Cable to transmit electricity from the transformer to each lighting component. The Cable Connectors are used to connect wire from fixtures to a main low voltage cable and is for use with all common landscape wire gauges. We offer a 16 gauge Low Voltage Cable that is 50 feet and a 16 feet Wire Extensions.

Installation Instructions

  • Low Voltage Lighting Transformer and Cable Installation - [pdf - 365 KB] - English - French - Spanish


You are not required to, but you can bury the low voltage cable and the cable connector, no more than 6 inches deep.

Lighting components must be installed at least 10 feet away from a pool, spa or fountain.

Use a twist tie or thin piece of wire bent into a hook to reach into holes in the post sleeves and guide the cable through the holes.