Secondary Handrail Offset Aluminum Bracket (4in. x 3.5in. x 3.5in.)


104 in. Secondary Handrail with Aluminum Insert


Secondary Handrail Offset 90-Degree Post Return (3in. x 7.5in. x 3in.)


Secondary Handrail External Swivel (1.5 in. x 10.5 in. x 1.5 in.)


Secondary Handrail Straight Aluminum Wall Mount (3in. x 3in. x 3in.)


90-Degree Outside Corner


Secondary Handrail P-Loop (12in. x 25in. x 1.5in.)


Inside Corner Bracket (3.5 in. x 3.5 in. x 7 in.)


Secondary Handrail 1 in. End Cap (1.5in. x 3in. x 1.5in.)


Secondary Handrail Aluminum Joiner Kit (1in. x 6in. x 1in.)


Secondary Handrail Adjustable Joiner Kit (1in. x 6in. x 1in.)


ADA-Compliant Handrail

ADA-compliant handrail

For extra safety use Deckorators® ADA-compliant handrail. They are great for homes with small children and seniors. These functional and highly versatile graspable handrail and handrail components are ideal for meeting special building codes. Made of heavy-gauge aluminum and durable PVC, the system includes five different radius elbows and several styles of returns to meet every possible installation. The ADA-compliant railing is available in black and white to complement popular siding and trim products used in new home and building construction.

Whether you're constructing a residential composite deck or a deck made of lumber, you're typically required to install a graspable handrail on one side of the deck's stair railing when there are four or more stair risers present. Unsure on whether you need to install a graspable secondary handrail? Read our informative blog post on this topic.

Product Details

Our secondary handrail products are not only functional and versatile, but also sleek and contemporary.

Installation Instructions

  • ADA-Compliant Handrail Installation & Guidelines [pdf - 814 KB] - English - French


A graspable, ADA-compliant handrail is an important component to consider when planning a deck with stairs. So whether you're constructing a residential composite deck, lumber deck or a deck made from other decking material, you're typically required to install a graspable handrail on one side of the deck's stair railing when there are four or more stair risers present.

Deckorators performs well in varying weather conditions. During installation, it will contract only slightly in cold weather. In hot weather it expands. We recommend that the material is on the job site 48 hours prior to installation to acclimate. Follow the installation instructions spacing guidelines to ensure proper room for expansion and contraction.

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