Fastendry Profile

Fastendry fits in deck board slots and is secured to joists with a nail gun

Frontier Ridgeway decking installed with Fastendry, gray stair treads, satin black ALX Classic railing and Deck Drawer hardware kit

Fastendry between Vault Hickory deck boards

Fastendry installed between Vault Hickory deck boards

Vault Hickory decking installed with weatherproofing system to create a dry zone under raised deck


The combination of weather-proofing and labor-saving fastening in one product.

Exclusive for Deckorators® decking, Fastendry fits between the slots of 12', 16' and 20' deck boards and is secured to joists with a nail gun. Here are some features:

  • Weatherproofing - Place between the grooved edges of Deckorators decking to create additional living space or storage under your deck.
  • Fastening - In addition to weatherproofing, Fastendry features a rigid base plate that fastens decking to joists with a nail gun, resulting in a fastener-free look on the surface.
  • Understructure Protection - Deckorators Fastendry prevents moisture from reaching your understructure, keeping your joist system completely dry and open to air circulation.
  • Peace of Mind - As with many of our other products, Fastendry is backed by a 25-year limited manufacturer defect warranty.
  • Save Time, Labor & Money- Up to 50% installation time savings and 25% installed cost savings compared to competing systems. 

ProRemodeler Top 100Fastendry and Vault decking have been recognized as Top 100 Products for 2018 by Professional Remodeler®. These award-winning products are beyond ordinary on their own and industry-changing when used together.

We highly recommend using a certified installer when installing Fastendry. Please review all Fastendry installation instructions before installing. 

Fastendry Cost Comparison Chart

Fastendry is available in the same 12-, 16- and 20-foot lengths as Deckorators decking and creates a dry zone under your deck. Enjoy your deck rain or shine - and save both time and money with revolutionary new Deckorators Fastendry!












Product Literature

Installation Instructions

  • Deckorators Fastendry Installation [pdf - 536KB] - English - French


In residential applications, Deckorators decking should be installed on joists spaced 16" on-center when the boards are running perpendicular to the support joists. Decking boards running on a diagonal pattern should be installed on joists spaced 12" on-center. Contact Deckorators Customer Service team at 800-556-8449 for commercial applications. For more details, refer to the installation instructions.

Consider using one of our experienced Deckorators Certified Pros. Only the most professional, reliable and skilled building professionals become official Certified Pros. By selecting a Certified Pro, you can expect to receive the highest standards of service and installation for your Deckorators products. Check out our Locate A Contractor section.

Deckorators performs well in varying weather conditions. During installation, it will contract only slightly in cold weather. In hot weather it expands. We recommend that the material is on the jobsite 48 hours prior to installation to acclimate. Follow the installation instructions spacing guidelines to ensure proper room for expansion and contraction.