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Deck and Home Color Pairings

Deck and Home Color Pairings

When choosing a composite deck color, keep in mind your home’s interior home style, exterior siding style and color, and even the color tones within your landscape. Whether you want your deck color to coordinate with your current home style or stand out as a bold feature statement, we can help you decide the right color choice for your home.

Warm Tones
Colors and tones that resemble the sun or fire are described as warm tones. They range from peach to yellow and golden colors. If your home siding consists of those shades, then going with a rich brown composite decking color may be your ideal choice, as it will enhance the natural features of your home while complementing your exterior design.

Deckorators Vault Decking in Mesquite 

Deckorators Vista Decking in Ironwood with Contemporary Cable Rail in Textured Black


Brown composite deck boards can range in style. Some boards offer different color streaking while some may simply be a straightforward, rich brown. Looking for something that stands out a bit more? A decking trend we’ve been seeing is deck boards that have a vibrant hint of cayenne, which gives it a reddish-brown color.

Neutral Tones
Pure neutral colors include the simplicity of blacks, whites and grays. Neutral tones often embody organic, outdoor or stone colors. Choosing a composite decking color when your home's characteristics embrace neutral colors is easy. Gray composite decking colors embody a coolness that’s easy on the eyes and will naturally accentuate your home’s beautiful features. As a bonus, you can easily decorate with these shades, pulling in patio sets or outdoor pillows for a pop of color.

We are seeing a trend with more coastal-style homes being built. Coastal home designs often have white accents, like window trim, which pairs perfectly with a clean and crisp, gray composite decking color. Having a deck built with gray color tones pulls the coastal style look altogether.

Vault decking in Dusk 

Voyage Decking in Costa with outdoor furniture

Let the design stage of your future outdoor space be fun. It’s an exciting addition to your home whether you want it to complement your existing style or stand out on its own. 

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