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Deckorators 2024 Outdoor Living Trends

Deckorators 2024 Outdoor Living Trends

As a pioneer in the composite decking industry, Deckorators® takes pride in presenting the most comprehensive insights and trends in the world of outdoor living. Our commitment to staying on the forefront of trends has led us to collaborate with industry experts and members of the Deckorators Certified Pro Program. Here's an exclusive look at what 2024 holds for outdoor living spaces.

Embracing the Outdoor Room Concept
The notion of the “outdoor room” continues to be a prevailing trend in 2024. Homeowners are investing substantially in transforming their outdoor spaces into functional extensions of their homes.

The concept centers on creating versatile, multipurpose areas that foster family gatherings, entertaining, and relaxing. These outdoor spaces are designed for year-round enjoyment, with features like kitchens, bars, seating areas, and entertainment options. They maximize square footage and provide comfort.

Outdoor deck living space with outdoor kitchen and fire pit

Space Planning
The success of an outdoor room hinges on strategic spatial planning, especially regarding flow and connectivity. Properly positioning stairs is important for keeping traffic moving smoothly between different areas on decks of different sizes. Space planning will foster ease of movement and encourage interaction in the different areas of an outdoor space.

Enhance safety and aesthetics with 11-1/4" Step Treads. They come in various styles and colors to match your outdoor space. This will ensure that your outdoor area not only looks good but is also safe.

Outdoor living space with Deckorators Step Treads

Evolving Outdoor Kitchens
Outdoor kitchens have undergone a significant transformation, surpassing their traditional role as an area to grill. Homeowners desire fancy features in their homes. These features include more counter space and built-in appliances. They want spaces where hosts and guests can cook and chat together.

Outdoor living space with outdoor kitchen on deck with grill

Color Preferences
Regional nuances dictate color preferences, with varying trends emerging across different parts of the country. While some areas lean towards earthy tones like browns and khaki, others prefer lighter colors or minimalist palettes. Using neutrals and muted shades in your design allows for easy updates that can keep up with changing trends.

Covered outdoor living space with table and stairs and outdoor kitchen

Privacy Walls, Shade Structures, and Heating Elements 

Privacy walls and shade structures are popular because they offer privacy and protection from the weather. They also allow for creative design options.

You can use privacy walls to create a secluded space in a backyard or outdoor area. Shade structures provide relief from the sun and can enhance the overall aesthetic of a space.

Easily add privacy and style with our simple-to-install Privacy Screen System. Choose from different panel styles and colors for a customized look. Additionally, outdoor heaters and fire features are increasingly popular, extending the usability of outdoor spaces into colder months and creating inviting atmospheres for gatherings.

Outdoor living space with fire pit and chairs

Elevated Dock Spaces
Docks are no longer just functional spaces for boats; they've evolved into versatile areas for socializing and connection. Our mineral-based composite decking, made with minerals and Surestone™ Technology, is strong, water-resistant, and perfect for waterfront areas.

Dock made with Deckorators Voyage Decking in Sedona overlooking the water

Homeowner Collaboration
One noteworthy shift is the growing enthusiasm among homeowners to actively participate in the design process. Their increased involvement ensures that outdoor spaces are tailored to their needs and preferences.


Family and contractor on Deckorators deck waving

We remain dedicated to providing premium decking, railing, and outdoor accessories that blend durability with style. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of outdoor living spaces is unwavering as we continue to explore new possibilities in design and functionality. Stay tuned as we continue to empower homeowners, contractors, and designers to reimagine outdoor living in 2024 and beyond!

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