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Expert Deck Safety Tips for Peace of Mind

Expert Deck Safety Tips for Peace of Mind

Expert Deck Safety Tips for Peace of Mind

As summer gets closer, it's important to check that our outdoor decks are safe for relaxing and enjoying the warm weather. In May, we receive a reminder to check the safety of our decks. NADRA celebrates National Deck Safety Month and the PHTA celebrates National Water Safety Month.

At Deckorators, we focus on promoting safe outdoor spaces. We offer reliable products that give peace of mind.

Our dedication is to emphasize the importance of safety in outdoor areas. Our goal is to provide trustworthy products for peace of mind. Here are five important rules summarized in the word "SAFER" to make sure your deck is safe and enjoyable.

S: Signs of Damage

Begin by conducting a thorough inspection of your deck for any signs of damage. Loose or damaged boards, joists, stairs, railings, or accessories can compromise safety.

Ensure you drain and ventilate your deck's water management system correctly to prevent moisture damage. The Deckorators Sleeper System is a good option for this purpose. Proper drainage and ventilation are essential for maintaining the integrity of your deck.

Be sure to regularly check and maintain your deck's water management system to avoid any potential issues. Make sure you drain the water management system on your deck correctly.

Ensure that you properly ventilate the water management system on your deck. This will help prevent moisture damage. Watch for mold in damp areas and check trees for dangerous branches.

Deckorators Sleeper System

A: Access

Maintaining clear and unobstructed pathways across your outdoor space is crucial. Make sure to position outdoor furniture away from the deck's edges and keep entry and exit points unimpeded. For deck stairs, keep landings clear, and if you have a pool, ensure that gates, drain covers, and pool covers are compliant and functional.

Deckorators Voyage Decking in Sierra and Tundra with pool in the background

F: Fall Prevention

Preventing falls requires a multifaceted approach. Invest in railings, step treads, and traction solutions to enhance safety. Consider decking made with Deckorators Surestone™ Technology for enhanced traction and durability, particularly in areas prone to moisture.

Verify that you securely install aluminum railings and ensure they provide adequate support. Adequate lighting is also essential for visibility, especially during evening hours.

Outdoor living space with Deckorators decking and railing and outdoor lighting with fire pit

E: Electrical Safety

Check all electrical items on your deck, like lights, appliances, outlets, and fans, to make sure they work and are safe. Keep power cords safely tucked away to prevent tripping hazards and potential injuries.

R: Regulations

Ensure that your outdoor living space complies with state and local building codes and regulations. Don't hesitate to seek professional assistance or arrange for a deck inspection if you have any concerns. Deckorators Certified Pros are available to provide guidance and support in maintaining a safe outdoor environment.

Make sure to follow these guidelines. Regularly check the safety of your outdoor space. Ensure it is safe for your family and guests to enjoy all year round. At Deckorators, we dedicate ourselves to providing innovative solutions that elevate outdoor living experiences while prioritizing safety and peace of mind.


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