Deckorators 2024 Commercial Production

Deckorators will be producing three new advertisements for 2024 and are in need of a filming location. Filming will take place in early September over the course of two to three days and will require access at the location for 10 hours per day. A crew of 15 to 20 people will be on-site during production. Access to power sources and usage of the home’s breaker box are also required. In exchange, the home will be featured in an international advertising campaign that will air on broadcast, streaming, and digital platforms. Financial compensation for the homeowner will also be supplied.

Deck Requirements:

First floor deck
  • The deck may contain multiple levels but the primary portion of the deck should be at ground level.

Near a visible water feature
  • Pool, hot tub, or lake
  • No greater than 20 yards away from the deck

Must feature only Deckorators products
  • Voyage Decking must be used
  • Any Deckorators Railing product will work

Please fill out the form below for consideration by August 11th, 2023.