How design details can make your deck unique

Posted 30 June 2011 12:55 PM by [email protected]

You’ve probably heard the expression “God is in the details.” Well, when it comes to creating a truly unique and beautiful deck design, the right mix of details can create a heavenly result.

Every deck is essentially a blank canvas. Adding design details such as ornamental post caps, decorative balusters and deck inlays, can turn your blank canvas into a custom deck that is a work of art.

Not sure which details will work best for your tastes and design parameters?

Deck design software can help you envision how your deck will look with the addition of certain details. The Deck Designer is a free online program that allows you to choose from a selection of scenes and then dress up each with a variety of designer details, such as wood color, railing design, and baluster and post cap accessories.

Designer touches are limited only by your imagination – and creativity in forming combinations. In addition to ornamental post caps and decorative balusters – which we’ve talked about before in this blog – there are many other ways to customize your deck, including:

  • Deck inlays – A deck inlay can be anything from decorative stone or ceramic tile to a design made up of different colored composite deck boards placed at interesting angles.
  • Reversible boards – Unlike standard deck boards, Latitudes Intrepid composite deck boards can be placed with either side facing up. Each side has its own unique texture (wood grain or brushed) and color variance, allowing you to create an interesting design while using just one type of decking material.
  • Picture framing – By installing a trim board around a deck, you can give your wood deck surface a unique appearance, and protect plank ends that can deteriorate over time when exposed to the elements.
  • Composite decking for bench and planter boxHidden fasteners – Strategically placed nails or screws can be incorporated into a deck’s design, but for an ultra-clean look, consider Latitude’s Equator hidden fastener. Concealed below the deck surface, Equator composite deck hidden fasteners fit into the groove on the side of the deck board secured at each joist to eliminate pre-drilling and allow for quick and easy installation, leaving a deck looking smooth and sleek. Installing the right hidden fastener will make your composite deck barefoot friendly.
  • Recessed lighting – Deckorators® recessed lighting kits use compact, ultra-bright, low-volt LED lights to make decks more appealing and accessible after dark. Build them into stairs, step-downs and anywhere you need illumination both for looks and safety purposes.
  • Benches and boxes – Built-ins are a hot deck trend and you can use Latitudes composite decking to build curved composite benches and planter boxes around your deck.

Whether you choose to add just one detail or many, designer touches can truly make your deck one-of-a-kind – and make you feel like you have your own little slice of heaven in your own backyard.