Advantages of glass deck railing baluster infills

Posted 27 April 2012 8:13 PM by [email protected]

Available at many lumberyards and big box retailers, Deckorators® Scenic glass deck baluster infills are both a dramatic and practical accessory for your custom deck railing. If you have young children, these railing infills allow them to view the yard safely.Deckorators Scenic Contour Glass Balusters

Deckorators Scenic Glass Balusters are made of durable 5/16-inch tempered safety glass, which makes them extremely durable. These balusters are also an advantage grownups too as they can relax in a Adirondack chair or chaise lounge while glancing out to view the pool, lake or wooded area without having to stand.

Glass balusters will also help reduce the wind, which is why many lakefront homeowners choose to incorporate them into their deck design.

Deckorators Scenic glass balusters come in two shapes—Frontier, a straight, beveled-edge baluster, and Contour, a tapered, hourglass-shaped design. Scenic glass balusters are the perfect alternative to glass panels.Deckorators Scenic Frontier Glass Balusters

  • Frontier - available in 4" x 5/16" x 26", which must be installed with Scenic Connectors for a 36" rail height or 4" x 5/16" x 32" for a 36" rail height when face mounting and a 42" height when using scenic connectors.
  • Contour - available in 4" x 5/16" x 32" for a 36" rail height when face mounting and 42" height when using scenic connectors.
  • Each 32" baluster has four predrilled holes with preinserted rubber grommets for face-mount installation. Stainless steel screws included. Rubber grommets can be removed for use with scenic connectors.
  • Scenic balusters are designed to install 1.5 balusters per linear foot using our installation guide.
  • Scenic balusters can be used with either wood, metal or composite lumber decking and do not require special fasteners.

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