Maximize the view from your deck

Posted 7 August 2012 8:13 PM by [email protected]

Scenic Glass Balusters

Having a landscaped yard and a comfortable deck is the perfect way to blend the natural beauty of the outdoors with a design that is both stylish and functional. But what happens when you really want to showcase your yard's view? Does a deck’s railings block your field of vision? The good news is homeowners who want a minimally obstructed view of their landscape have some great options. Whether you have a fantastic flower garden, pristine lakeshore property or land that overlooks the mountains, you can have a deck and keep the view spectacular when you install the right kind of balusters. One option is aluminum balusters from Deckorators®, which are smaller than standard wood balusters. Classic aluminum balusters offer distinctive design options not found in typical 2-by-2 wood balusters and are available in nine colors and three lengths, providing safety while enhancing your view. If you prefer more of a modern look, Estate aluminum balusters are ideal, giving your outdoor deck a design that embraces clean lines that don't interfere with nature's beauty.

Another option from Deckorators is Scenic glass balusters. These provide your outdoor room a clear view so you can enjoy every aspect of nature to the fullest. Providing an immediate level of elegance and sophistication, glass rails are designed to be a distinctive feature in your outdoor space while enhancing the surrounding nature perfectly. In the past, glass-railing systems were expensive, complicated to install, and required special fasteners used by professionals. Today, glass-railing systems are affordably priced and can be installed by the homeowner in a few simple steps. All Deckorators Scenic glass balusters are made of durable 5/16-inch tempered safety glass so you can rest easy knowing that your deck remains safe for everyone. Scenic glass balusters come in two shapes - Frontier, a straight, beveled-edge baluster, and Contour, a tapered, hourglass-shaped design. With the right balusters, you can enhance your views and beautify your outdoor space. Whichever design you choose, it’s sure to provide a 'wow factor' for visitors and add to your home's resale value.