Why Deckorators Balusters Are Better

Posted 29 March 2012 6:25 PM by [email protected]

Is there a difference in the quality of powder-coated aluminum deck balusters? You bet!

Deckorators aluminum railing system

Because Deckorators aluminum deck balusters are Interpon 810 powder-coated (for high durability), they provide significantly improved gloss retention and resistance to color change versus most other brands. On top of that, they’re AAMA2604 compliant and that means twice the humidity resistance and five times the outdoor exposure resistance when compared to other brands.

Deckorators powder-coated balusters, like the Classic Series, are tested for 3000 hours for fade and blistering, while other baluster brands only withstand 1500 hours of testing with no greater than “Few” size #8 blisters and 1 year of South Florida Outdoor Exposure. 

When it come time to choose, the choice is clear. Choose a proven brand with a limited warranty. Go with Deckorators, the originator and leader in deck railing accessories.