Fall Care & Maintenance For Aluminum Railings

Posted 21 November 2012 4:36 PM by Universal Forest Products

Deckorators Aluminum RailingNow is the perfect time of year to show your Deckorators® Aluminum Railing system a little love and attention. Though your railing needs only minimal care and maintenance, we recommend checking and cleaning it at least once a year in a standard outdoor living space. Near swimming pools and spas, aluminum railings should be checked and cleaned every six months, which makes fall yard cleanup and pool close-up time ideal for giving your railing a quick once-over.

Cleaning — Begin with a solution of warm water and mild detergent. Test a small, inconspicuous area to ensure that no color change or damage occurs. Once assured, use a soft cloth or sponge to wash and rinse the whole railing system well. If your railing is new, it should get its first good cleaning at installation before any construction residue — such as concrete, plaster, etc. — has a chance to adhere.

Frequency — How often your aluminum railing is washed depends on your personal standard of cleanliness, as well as the environment in which the railing is located. Again, clean it at least once a year in a normal environment and every 6 months near a pool or hot tub. Under more severe conditions, such as marine or industrial environments, check the railing every 3 months and clean if required.

Deck-lovers who choose Deckorators attractive, heavy-gauge aluminum railings for their outdoor living space know they’re choosing the best of both worlds. With a thick powder-coated finish, this innovative rail system installs in a snap. Plus, its durability keeps it looking great year after year. When you combine these stylish railings with your favorite Deckorators Balusters and designer Post Caps, you create a look as unique as you are.

And just in case you need further reason to select Deckorators Aluminum Railing, here are a few more: it’s backed by our industry-leading warranty, it’s available in 36- and 42-inch rail heights and 6' and 8' lengths, and it’s compatible with all Deckorators Aluminum and Glass alusters.