Deckorators LED's The Way to Help You Shine a Little Light on Your Deck

Posted 1 April 2013 4:24 PM by Universal Forest Products

Spring is coming and the hibernation is ending! It's time to head outdoors to soak in the warmer temps and get reacquainted with outdoor living spaces-and neighbors. But you don't need the sun to enjoy that beautiful deck you've designed and built-all you need is LED lighting.

 Voyage Costa Decking

Energy efficient LED lighting will allow you to enjoy and show off your deck, and eliminate the dangerous "black holes" created as stairs and railings disappear into the darkness of the newly warm nights. And homeowners have many lighting options to set the mood with as little or as much light as they please. Here are some popular materials and colors to consider:

Deckorators Willow Lighted BalustersLighted Balusters

Light metal and glass balusters with LED lighting. While lit metal balusters include an LED light centered within the body of the baluster, glass balusters are illuminated with a collar that gives it a soft glow from the top down. Lighted balusters are usually mixed with unlit balusters or arranged in patterns. Preview the balusters here or in the Deckorators® Photo Gallery. Many of the lit baluster choices are low voltage, but a new solar option also is available.

Deckorators Dynasty Copper and Gunmetal BlackLighted Post Caps

Many homeowners are realizing one of their best lighting opportunities sit atop their deck posts.  Instead of covering posts with standard wood or metal post caps, they’re installing post caps with low-voltage or solar-powered LED lights. These not only provide a warm light, they add a lot of style, ranging from traditional to Tiffany-inspired styles.

Deck & Stair Lighting

For safety’s sake, adding lighting to steps such as our Luna Step Light, doorways and drop downs probably should be a homeowner’s highest lighting priority. Deck & Stair lighting  provides a simple yet effective solution to light deck stairs and other key deck areas.

You can preview many of the LED lighting options and what they might look like on your deck by using the Deckorators Deck Visualizer. Another nice benefit of using LED lighting on your deck: Unlike harsh incandescent lighting, LED lighting produces light that's strong enough to illuminate the deck, but soft enough that you can enjoy other lights, such as those in the night sky. Enjoy the star gazing!