Dress Up Your Pressure-Treated Support Posts

Posted 12 August 2013 12:00 PM by Ashley Vanderwall

Do you have plans to build a porch, pergola or elevated deck and want to dress up those pressure-treated support posts? Deckorators® cast stone Postcovers are a perfect option. They are available in 42” and 53” heights, and can be stacked to create robust stone-look columns that run the entire height of the post. 

Vault Hickory decking with White ALX Pro railing and Gray Cobblestone Postcovers

To stack, slide the postcovers over the post on top of one another and use an exterior-grade construction adhesive where they meet to solidify the attachment. Be sure the proper blocking is in place where needed to create a rock-solid column. The seam where the two postcovers meet will be almost unnoticeable. However, if you do not want to leave the seam exposed, fashion a trim piece to complement the decking or trim on the house and install around the seam. 

Keep in mind, these postcovers must be installed during new construction, as they need to be slipped over the top of the post. For more information, check out the installation instructions or how-to videos.