City of Berea, Ohio, turns to Deckorators for cost savings, improved aesthetics

Posted 11 December 2013 7:15 PM by Universal Forest Products

Deckorators PostcoversWhen faced with the high cost of renovating the boardwalk and fishing pier at Coe Lake, a popular recreational spot in Berea, Ohio, city leaders turned to Deckorators® for a lower-cost solution that could significantly improve the area’s aesthetics.

Coe Lake boasts great scenic beauty and a historical designation as a world famous quarry. Yet over the years, the wooden railings that line the lake’s pier and boardwalk had warped, cracked and faded, and their supporting posts had separated from the decking. The city needed to make upgrades, but it didn’t want the expense and upkeep associated with wooden posts and balusters.

During the renovation, city work crews adjusted and reinforced the posts, then enclosed many of them with stone postcovers and copper post caps from Deckorators.

“The postcovers gave us the opportunity to have an attractive product that improved the aesthetics of the area, while giving additional structural support to the original wooden post,” said Berea Mayor Cyril Kleem. “The beautiful natural-looking stone postcovers gave us the opportunity to complement the other stone features in the area and actually gave a historic feel to the original quarry that operated there for nearly 100 years. The copper post caps added a bit of class to the entire project.”

The city also replaced the wooden railings with Deckorators aluminum balusters that require less maintenance and last much longer than wood. Berea’s reception to the renovation, which was completed in time for a July 4 celebration, has been nothing but positive. “I have received an overwhelming number of compliments on how the fishing pier and boardwalk look better now than when they were originally constructed,” said Kleem.

More "after" pictures:

Deckorators Postcover - Beige Stacked Stone Deckorators