A Colorful Trend in Outdoor Living: Mix and Match

Posted 26 February 2013 10:09 PM by Universal Forest Products

By introducing new colors, materials and products for decks and rails, manufacturers have opened up the doors for homeowners to add more personality to their outdoor spaces. They also have swept away a few dusty rules of decking, such as the need to maintain a uniform color and material. Deck colors and materials no longer need to match. They can just coordinate.

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Fortunately, the options are simple enough that you don't need to hire a professional designer. But it pays to be aware of the new products and materials that are available, the color options that come with them, and the ways they are being mixed and matched. Here are some popular materials and colors to consider:

Balusters in Aluminum or Glass
One of the most striking ways to add personality to a deck is to use Deckorators® Aluminum or Glass Balusters with your Railing. There are plenty of style choices - ranging from baroque-style metal balusters to sleek, contoured glass balusters - and they won't block those majestic views like wood balusters. Metal balusters also provide plenty of color options, including black, matte black, white, bronze, copper and stainless. You can add even more personality by mixing balusters: Alternate different styles of glass balusters, mix glass balusters with metal balusters, or mix regular metal or glass balusters with lighted balusters.

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Post Caps in Metal or Glass
Metal and glass post caps are great complements to metal and glass balusters, but they can add color to a monochrome deck as well. Metal post caps come in a variety of colors - copper, pewter, black and white, to name a few - that coordinate well with most wood and composite decks. Glass post caps can provide a more formal accent, and come in basic colors and styles, including Tiffany-inspired styles. Many post cap styles have illuminated versions that coordinate well with regular or lighted balusters.

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Upgrade Posts
Dress up basic wood and vinyl fence posts with fiber-reinforced concrete postcovers that resemble real stone, yet are easier and less expensive to install. Postcovers simulate a variety of stone finishes such as gray fieldstone and beige stacked stone.

Try your own combinations with the Deck Visualizer
Theres no need - and no way - to create mental pictures of all the deck options that are available. You can actually see the possibilities by utilizing our Deck Visualizer, a simple, free online tool that allows users to mix different decking, balusters and post caps to create a more personable outdoor space. You can even pick out designs and email them directly to your contractor. Go ahead, try it!