3 Quick and Easy Ways to Add Lighting to Your Outdoor Space

Posted 31 July 2014 2:00 PM by Ashley Vanderwall

For decades adding outdoor lighting to your deck space has been known to be a very hands-on and intensive chore. However, with these solar lighting options you can install outdoor lighting without the complete overhaul or messing with wiring. Below are three quick and easy ways to do it:

Solar Baluster Lights

If your deck railing includes round aluminum balusters, Deckorators® Solar Baluster Lights are a simple way to add lighting to your railing. Solar Baluster Lights come in two halves which connect around a 3/4” round baluster using nothing more than a screwdriver. The light shines out of each half so it is visible from both on and off the deck. Lights are available in black and copper. Tools needed: Philips screwdriver.

Deckorators Solar Baluster Light

Solar Accent Lights

Solar Accent Lights are typically seen on railing posts, but really can be installed on any outdoor vertical surface, including fence posts and mailbox posts. When installed on railing or fence posts, they create an illuminated border that looks good and provides safety. Each light comes with all the hardware needed to attach it to a surface. These lights come in a standard style, available in black or white, and two designer styles which have an oiled bronze finish.  Tools needed: Screwdriver or power drill.

Deckorators Stair Light

Solar Post Caps

If you have a fence, rail or mailbox post, consider adding a solar post cap light to it. With a variety of styles and colors, post cap lights give your outdoor space more personality, both day and night. And they can’t get much easier to install – simply activate the rechargeable batteries (included) and attach to the top of a post with some exterior adhesive. Tools needed: Exterior adhesive

Deckorators Heritage Solar Wood Post Cap

Solar lighting is an excellent option because of its simplicity – but keep in mind it does have to have a fair amount of sunlight for optimal performance. Be sure the location you plan to place the solar lights gets at least six hours of sunlight each day so the batteries can recharge. 

If you're not sure whether solar lighting or low voltage lighting would be better for you, check out my recent blog on the topic.