5 Fast & Simple Ways to Improve Your Deck

Posted 31 March 2014 8:18 PM by Ashley Vanderwall

Before giving up on your dated or weathered deck and replacing it with a new and expensive deck, consider the following five ways you can simply and inexpensively transform your deck into a striking, new-looking space.  These improvements can be made with minimal investment and time, and they can add a lot of value to your home.

1. Add or update post caps — Adding decorative caps to your posts or replacing any worn post caps are simple updates that have a big impact. Most post caps can be removed by gently tapping them with a mallet. New ones can be added simply with an exterior construction adhesive. Deckorators® post caps cover a wide variety of base materials, beautiful cap finishes/colors and sizes. Post caps also provide a layer of functionality to your outdoor space ( as planters or solar-powered lights).

2. Replace the balustersBalusters can do wonders for a deck’s visual appeal. If you have wood balusters, consider replacing them with Aluminum or glass balusters that won’t weather as quickly and will add visual interest to your deck. Deckorators offers a variety of styles and colors to match every house style. If you have a great view, glass balusters will let you enjoy it even more.


3. Refresh or replace the railings — You can sand wood railings and apply a new coat of stain or paint, but a replacement might be easier depending on the style of your railing. Deckorators ALX Aluminum Railing offers the ease of assembly like an off-the-shelf railing product with the look and feel of a custom-built rail. Rails, balusters, post sleeves and post caps are packaged in separate kits, so you have the option to mix and match for a unique look.

4. Restore the deck boards  — If your deck boards are weathered, try power-spraying them and then giving them a new coat of stain or paint made specifically for decks.

5. Install lighting — Lighting adds visual appeal, improves safety and allows you to stay outdoors after the sun goes down. Adding lighting to stairs, balusters and posts is an easy DIY project and many solar lighting options are available.

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Check out the Deckorators Deck Visualizer tool to see how different combinations of decking, railing, balusters and post caps would look on your deck. While you're refreshing the look of your deck, make sure it's safe.