Where Beauty Meets Functionality

Posted 20 April 2015 3:33 PM by Grace Gietzen

Adrian Petrisor is no stranger to the decking industry. Since 1990, Petrisor and a couple of partners have been providing premium decking, fencing, trellis and awning work solutions to the Pacific Northwest of the United States, and more, specifically, the greater Portland, Oregon area. He started his company, Adrians Quality Fencing and Decks, out of his garage, and for over two-and-a-half decades and through exponential growth, he hasn’t looked back.

Involved in both the residential and commercial segments, Petrisor has seen projects of all shapes and sizes, and approaches each one with care. According to Petrisor, when planning each project, there is a strong focus on clients and their respective visions. Petrisor and his crew are responsible for thousands of deck installations throughout the region since beginning the company 25 years ago, and they didn’t get to this point without a strong focus on the customer.

Deck built by Adrian's Quality Fencing & Decks using Vault Mesquite decking  Built by Certified Pro, Adrian's Quality Fencing & Decks using Vista Ironwood decking

Just recently, Adrians completed a job in the Beaverton, Oregon area that was unique in a few respects. The deck to be built was uncommonly low to the ground, and required more structural supports than a normal deck job. Petrisor and the Adrians team also needed to account for the client’s two large dogs that spend a lot of time in the backyard. To the Adrians crew, this meant that whatever the decking solution, it needed to be durable and withstand potential scratching from the two large dogs. Also during the planning process, Petrisor learned that the client was simply looking for a durable, long-term and aesthetically pleasing solution. Together they decided that the popular Deckorators® Heritage Decking in Barrel Aged Oak was the best solution for the task at hand.  

“They really wanted a deck solution that would require little to no maintenance”, says Petrisor. “Once that was established, we knew that Deckorators products would be the best decking option to complete the project.” Petrisor works with other kinds of materials for decking, including hardwood, but when having a maintenance-free deck is important to the customer, the Adrians team typically recommends a composite deck. Apart from blowing or sweeping debris from the surface on a regular basis, Deckorators products can be maintained for decades simply by spraying them off once a year.

One of the reasons Petrisor feels comfortable offering Deckorators is because of the industry-leading warranty on the Deckorators products. As a business owner, it’s important for him to know that the products he uses are high-quality, and backed by a trusted name. Deckorators backs their decking products with a 25-year structural warranty, a 25-year stain and fade warranty and a 25-year removal and replacement warranty, which is the first warranty of its kind in the decking industry.

Petrisor has been recommending Deckorators products to his clientele for the past year, and is impressed with how easy the Deckorators product is to work with. “In addition to being easy to install, the finished deck is an impressive sight, regardless of which specific Deckorators product is used,” explains Petrisor. “My clients rely on me to provide an outstanding finished product, which is one of the reasons why I am more than comfortable to offer this product.” When the final screw was in place, the result was a pristine 700-square-foot deck nestled into a lush backyard — a homeowner’s oasis, perfect for entertaining large groups or relaxing.

Since the very beginning, Adrians has been a company that lives and breathes by the motto “Quality Comes First,” and that shines through in both their work and materials that they recommend for their clients’ projects. By using top quality Deckorators products combined with the highly skilled craftsmanship of the Adrians crew, the client was able to transform their entire outdoor living space into an outstanding combination of beauty and functionality.

“The client now has a fully functional outdoor space that blends incredibly well into the existing landscape,” says Petrisor. “They were very happy with our work and the Deckorators products and are looking forward to years and years of a maintenance-free deck solution on which they can enjoy the peaceful Oregon summers.”

As for Petrisor and the future of Adrians Quality Fencing and Decks, the sky is the limit. Petrisor hopes to continue to offer premium solutions to his clientele in the Pacific Northwest, and continue to march his company forward built on the ever-important founding motto: “Quality Comes First.”