Ideas for Better LV Lighting

Posted 11 August 2015 7:55 PM by Alyssa Bylsma

Low-voltage lighting can add nighttime ambience and safety to any outdoor living project. Warm, white LED lights offer an energy-efficient way to accent railings, balusters and decking. We have three great ideas to make your next low-voltage lighting installation quicker, easier and more creative.

Use converter clips
The newest Deckorators® line of low-voltage lighting products features a straightforward clip system. We called it "straightforward" because it's simple to use. Each component’s clip simply plugs into a junction box, making installation as easy as connecting a telephone cord to a phone jack. If your low-voltage light source doesn’t work, we offer converter clips.

Converter clips

Consider 3-in-1 splitters
A junction box disperses power from a low-voltage transformer to the lights that need it. Our junction boxes feature six outlets to power up to six individual lights, but you can add more with our 3-in-1 splitter. And, because our junction boxes can handle up to 15 watts, you can use multiple splitters.

Get versatile with strip light
Want to add other lighting to make your project interesting? Try our under-rail strip light which can be used in many different ways. These 24-inch strips are ideal for accent lighting on bottom rails, and you can use them other places - under stairs or on the bottom beams of elevated decks - to create a look that's all your own.

 Deck Lighting

For more information on low-voltage lighting, including a how-to video, visit our Installation Instructions page.