5 Best Practices for Storing and Handling Decking

Posted 8 July 2015 8:00 PM by Dan Morovits

Deckorators® composite decking is ultra-durable and offers superior protection against water absorption and UV degradation. Still, proper storage and handling of decking at all times is critical to end-user satisfaction. Follow these five guidelines to make sure your Deckorators product stays in top condition for the installation:

Keep it covered
Prolonged exposure to the elements can allow water and dirt to pool and settle. Deckorators composite decking should remain covered and wrapped at all times.

Or keep it indoors
If left uncovered, decking units should always be stored indoors. Three-sided sheds and T-sheds are unable to provide adequate protection for unwrapped material.

Always re-cover
After uncovering a decking unit to break a bundle, be sure to re-cover it with UV-resistant bundle wrap for maximum protection from the elements.

“Square up” boards
Decking can be damaged when improperly stacked. After pulling product, always “square up” the boards to prevent damage and make them easier to re-cover.

Inspect with care
Prior to installation, thoroughly inspect all decking to confirm that board quality and color variation are acceptable.


By following these five simple best practices, you can keep your Deckorators product in pristine condition for the installation — and help ensure customer satisfaction.