A Gift That Keeps on Giving

Posted 22 July 2015 7:00 PM by Alyssa Bylsma

Last Christmas, Oregon’s Carl Moyer promised his wife, Erin, a surprise gift. The Parr Lumber Company employee offered Erin no hints about the nature of the present, revealing only that she would receive it sometime in 2015. Carl spent the early part of the year secretly designing the gift. And when Erin joined family members on a 10-day Mexico cruise in April, Moyer seized the moment to work on the present: a fully remodeled deck at their suburban Portland home.

Decaying deck needs new life
Surrounded by trees and overlooking a lush meadow, the deck space behind the Moyers’ Hillsboro house was picturesque. The couple spent much of their free time there, watching nature or relaxing with family and friends. Unfortunately, the 12 x 40 wooden deck structure was in rough shape after years of exposure to Pacific Northwest elements, and the Moyers were running out of temporary fixes.

“The deck was a disaster,” Carl Moyer says. “When we moved in 4½ years ago, it was shaky and the boards were rotting through. We knew we were going to replace the deck, it was just a matter of when. When she booked the cruise, I knew the timing was right.”

With the timeline set, the next step was choosing materials for the new outdoor oasis. As an experienced do-it-yourselfer employed by a building material dealer, Moyer was no stranger to the different decking products on the market. He refused to settle for less than durable, ultra-low maintenance components that blended into his property’s beautiful natural environment.

Secret selection: Deckorators® decking
After reviewing all of his options with Hillsboro distributor Cascade Wholesale Hardware, Moyer selected materials including Heritage composite decking, CXT railing, post sleeves, and post caps from Deckorators, a single-source provider of decking products.

With unique variegation and an enhanced grain pattern, Deckorators Heritage decking in barrel-aged oak offered the look Moyer wanted, and an industry-leading 25-year Structural, 25-year Stain & Face and 25-year Removal & Replacement warranty gave him confidence in the long-term performance of the boards.

DIY Oregon

“We get a ton of rain and so much organic debris here that wood just wasn’t practical, and I quickly decided on composite,” Moyer says. “Originally I was looking at products from Deckorators competitors, but I wasn’t that impressed. They were showy, hey-look-at-me products. Where we’re at, it’s not about the deck, it’s about the nature. I wanted something that would have the look of real wood, but be subdued and stately. The instant I saw the Deckorators Heritage boards in barrel-aged oak, I knew that was the way to go.”

‘She was blown away'
The month before she left on the cruise, Erin and Carl talked about how wobbly the old deck had become. The innocent conversation played perfectly into Carl’s plan, giving him a believable excuse to install new posts under the existing deck while Erin was home. Getting that foundational work done gave him just enough time to tear down the old deck and install the new one during her 10 days at sea.

“The Deckorators products cut and installed easily, and that was especially important with my timeline,” Moyer says.

When Erin arrived home from her vacation, she found a weary Carl sitting on their remodeled deck with a huge smile on his face. Merry Christmas! The surprise holiday gift was a little too big to wrap, but it fit perfectly underneath the trees in the Moyers’ backyard.

“Erin’s eyes got wide, her mouth dropped open, and she just stood there for a while,” Moyer says. “She was blown away. She’s out there all the time, and she always will be. It’s a gift that’ll keep giving for decades.”