Deck Design Consideration

Posted 3 June 2015 2:06 PM by Grace Gietzen

Building a new deck this year? Start by asking yourself a few questions to help you decide the size, shape and features you’ll want to incorporate into your outdoor living space.

Love to host gatherings? Design a large open area to accommodate a dining table with room for chairs to pull out comfortably. A small bump out in the design allows for an extra area to place a grill and keeps walkways clear.

Deck for large gatherings

People always coming and going?  Multiple access points allows for easy access to both the house and yard. Installing lighting along entry ways give your deck a dramatic design effect and keeps night time fun safe.

Deck with multiple access points

Working with a smaller yard? Use your space laterally. Creating multiple levels in your design creates different zones for dining and lounging - each with a feel of their own. Using bench seating as a parameter is another way to make utilize your space and make it functional.

Deck for small yards