Tips for a Smooth and Stylish Installation

Posted 11 March 2015 5:43 PM by Grace Gietzen

Designing and installing an extraordinary deck is a challenging job — even for experienced pros. At Deckorators®, we strive to make it easier for you to create a unique and attractive outdoor oasis with our complete composite decking and railing systems. For the inaugural edition of our e-newsletter, we’ve collected four important tips to help make your next installation smooth and stylish.

Decking — Set yourself up for success.
Deckorators mineral-based composite (MBC) decking includes the Voyage, Vault, and Frontier series. Voyage offers textured embossing for best in-class traction, while Frontier gives a classic more traditional look. Vault is designed with flat grain variegation that is lightweight, strong and stable. It is important to keep in mind that each individual deck board has a unique appearance. Our wood plastic composite (WPC) decking (Vista and Trailhead) lends the look of exotic hardwoods without the maintenance of traditional wood decking. Lay out Deckorators decking before installation to make sure you will get the end user’s preferred look.

Fascia — Prevent waves from forming.
Made of the same material as our decking, Deckorators fascia conceals decking understructure and eliminates the need to paint or stain the understructure. Moisture between the fascia and joist can lead to wavy fascia. During installation, make sure that decking overhangs the joist and fascia. For best results, use recommended configurations found in our installation instructions.

Railing — Create a good support system.
When installing Deckorators ALX Railing alone, cut support blocks from extra railing material to give yourself an extra set of hands. Don’t forget to install the provided support blocks to ensure long-term peformance. With Deckorators Classic Baluster Connectors, full rail sections can be conveniently built on a table and carried to the installation spot.

Lattice — Check out what’s new in lattice.
Lattice can add style, interest and fun to almost any project. Durable, sturdy Deckorators plastic lattice won’t rot, split or peel — providing an attractive option for under-skirting, trellises, planter boxes and more. Our exclusive new paintable lattice allows you to customize by color-matching siding or adding individualized accent colors to your project. Deckorators also offers black and white color options.

For more on how to make your Deckorators project a success from beginning to end, visit our Install/Maintain page and our YouTube page.

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