Multiple Ways to Enhance Your Outdoor Space

Posted 20 May 2015 4:09 PM by Grace Gietzen

The 2015 building season is underway! If this is your year for a new deck – or simply revamping an existing deck – think about adding a few new trends into your design. Get creative, show off your personal style and build an outdoor living space as unique as you. We’ve put together a few of the great trends we’re seeing this year.

Multi-levels: Building multiple levels into your design is a great way to add dimension and style to your deck. Aside from adding aesthetic appeal, there are many benefits of incorporating this trend into your layout. Each area can be designed with a specific purpose and feel in mind. Levels create space for added features such as a fire pits, extra seating or privacy for a hot tub. Designing a multi-level deck allows for endless possibilities – get creative with it!

Multi-colors: Color variation is a hot trend this year – and one of our favorites. Composite decking and accessory combinations offer a variety of ways to get creative with color. For instance, you can create eye catching designs on the surface of your deck.

Multi -widths: If you're looking to add a little more dimension to your deck, consider our Voyage Varied-Plank Decking. Available in three distinct widths and five unique colors, these unique deck boards will be sure to bring both beauty and functionality to your outdoor living space. 

If you like the idea of using different color deck boards – but don’t want designs throughout your deck surface – picture framing is the style trend for you. Use a different color for the perimeter or to “frame” certain areas. This adds interest and can take an ordinary deck to the next level. It adds safety to your deck by calling attention to edges and stairs – and it allows you to highlight and define areas of interest such as fire pits, seating or grilling spaces.

For more design trends and inspiration, visit our Photo Gallery.