An Average vs Beyond Ordinary Deck

Posted 16 August 2016 2:00 PM by Jase DeBoer

Deckorators® will help take your outdoor living space from “average” to extraordinary. But, what exactly is “average”? Until now, the average deck has consistently been between 300 to 350 square feet; however, in recent years, we’ve seen the average deck size  crest over 400 feet in some regions of the country.  For example, in 2015 in the Northeast, the average deck size was 406 square feet, up significantly over 2014.

Some of this growth on the outside of the home can be attributed to what’s happening inside the home. As you may know, walls are coming down and living spaces are becoming less formal and more open-concept. 

 Voyage Sierra And Tundra Decking

When it comes to creating extraordinary spaces - more builders and developers are taking cues from the resort industry. Typically, unique features homeowners and contractors add to their outdoor living spaces are fireplaces and outdoor kitchens. However, people are beginning to push the boundaries and add even more elaborate features: We’ve seen much more being added to compliment composite decking such as resistance swimming pools, spas, infinity pools, outdoor yoga studios and even putting greens. Other features are focused on extending the use of outdoor spaces despite inclement weather or extreme temperature swings. Think: glass walls, finely woven screens, heated floors and even air-conditioning. 


Homeowners have their unique style and aesthetic, so when it comes to designing or remodeling your outdoor living space – don’t be afraid to go beyond ordinary. Check out our Photo Gallery for more inspiration!