5 Deck Design Trends for 2016

Posted 24 February 2016 2:31 PM by Jase DeBoer

Homeowners have an evolving desire for decks with unique style and a personal touch. That makes keeping up with the newest design trends a must for any deck builder. Follow these five deck design trends to make customers happier — and achieve greater success — in 2016.

1. Homes are being transformed into “living zones"
Homeowners are looking to turn their interior and outdoor living spaces into one “living zone” that fits their lifestyle and taste. There’s budding interest in using different areas of a deck for personalized purposes such as cooking, entertaining, sitting around a fire, relaxing in a hot tub, a children’s play area, and meditation.

As consumers gravitate toward decks that are equally livable and beautiful, contractors can capitalize by partnering with a manufacturer that offers a full selection of decking and railing products. With Deckorators® access to an array of products, colors, designs and styles from one source gives you total customization capabilities.

2. Deck railing is grabbing more attention
More and more consumers are recognizing the exciting design flexibility of deck railing. While matching railing to composite decking remains a reliable design option, homeowners are enjoying the opportunity to contrast colors or even mix materials to perfectly suit their style.

Essentially, decking serves as a neutral-colored wall and railing is the artwork and décor that give the outdoor living zone its character. Consumers can further express their design flair by adding, for instance, balusters in contrasting colors or post caps made of metal or stained glass.

3. Modern, contemporary style is moving in
Deck designs are beginning to follow the home-building trend toward modern, contemporary style. This increasingly sought-after look is all about clean lines, absence of ornamentation, and mixing of materials including glass, metal, wood and composites.

Our new cable railing is right on trend as horizontal, low-profile metal wire that’s compatible with our composite or aluminum railing systems and various wood railing options. For most applications, cable rail can be used with only a top rail to get the desirable updated appearance.

Cable Rail

4. Automation is leading new innovations.

Leading deck installers and their customers continue to push the limits of creativity with innovations like automation. Contractors have installed grills, TVs and entertainment systems to emerge from water-resistant hulls under the deck space with the touch of a remote-control button.

While automation is mainly a custom design capability at this time, the leading-edge innovation clearly shows that homeowners desire and will continue to explore unique ways to develop their outdoor living zone with personalized flair and robust functionality.

5. Safety is under the spotlight
As families with children and pets spend more time outdoors, safety is becoming even more important. Homeowners want to add elements of security to their decks without sacrificing aesthetics. Two features that meet this dual desire perfectly are recessed lighting and deck gates.

Recessed lighting on steps not only provides a safety feature that’s a code requirement in some areas, it also adds dramatic ambiance. Our new aluminum deck gate can be used with aluminum, composite, vinyl or wood railings. Durability and self-closing hinges make the gate ideal for families. 

Deck gate

Contractors in 2016 face a significant challenge: Create customized outdoor spaces that are livable and aesthetically pleasing. Following these deck design trends will help you better meet the needs of your customers — and grow your business in the process.