Introducing Deckorators Dexerdry

Posted 17 November 2016 6:14 PM by Jase DeBoer

Now you can get a revolutionary weatherproofing solution from your single source for exciting and innovative deck products: the new Dexerdry® from Deckorators®

Deckorators Dexerdry is a simple, easy-to-install weatherproofing system that enables you to create dry zones under raised decks and eliminate water issues from ground-level decks. With Dexerdry, it’s possible to add coveted outdoor living space and storage areas beneath decks with the confidence that they will not be affected by rain, snow or other runoff from the deck above.

Dexerdry shown between two Vault Dusk deck boards
Dexerdry is made of a proprietary product that’s specially crafted to fit snugly into the slotted-edges of Deckorators composite decking, forming a water-tight seal between boards.

 Dexerdry is a low-maintenance product that perfectly complements Deckorators Vault, Heritage, Vista, Classic and Frontier slotted-edge deck boards. Available for the 2017 decking season in black 12-, 16- and 20-foot lengths. As Dexerdry installs between deck boards, top-down fasteners will be necessary. For best results, we recommend the Deckorators Cortex® fastening system.