4 Tips to Winterize your Deckorators Deck

Posted 26 October 2016 2:30 PM by Jase DeBoer

Harsh winter weather can take a toll on a deck. Our composite decking is made to endure the elements, but there are a few simple things homeowners should do now to make sure their deck emerges from winter as beautiful as ever.

Finish Fall Cleanup
Start to winterize a Deckorators composite deck by removing lingering leaves and any other organic materials that have accumulated on the deck and between the deck boards. Doing away with this debris will minimize staining and mold growth. Also, remember to inspect tree branches above the deck for stability, and cut down any that are at risk of falling. Heavy snow can bring loose branches crashing down onto a deck, potentially causing surface damage.

Wash On Gentle Cycle
Deckorators composite deck owners don’t have to worry about sealing, painting or staining, but fall is a perfect time to wash the deck surface with soap and water to remove dirt and debris. A hose works well for this job, but a pressure washer with a fan-tipped nozzle may be used on the lowest setting to lightly wet or rinse the deck surface. Avoid using a pressure washer to blast soil from the deck surface, as the abrasive water stream may drive dirt deeper into the material.

Take Aim At Stains
Stains can be difficult to remove from capped composite decking if they sit for too long. Before winter sets in, be sure to target stains with the right cleaning products. For mold and mildew, we recommend deck wash/cleaners containing sodium percarbonate and detergent. Cleaners with oxalic acid can be effective on rust stains. To get rid of grease and oil stains, try commercial cleaners with propylene glycol, sodium hydroxide and/or other detergents. Test all cleaners in a small, hidden area before applying to other parts of the deck.

Choose Winter Products Wisely
If you’re planning to use ice melt on your deck in the months ahead, we recommend picking a product that is as gentle as possible. Products that say “pet safe,” “family safe” and/or “environmentally friendly” on their labels will have a milder impact on the deck surface. Finally, have a plastic shovel handy for clearing your Deckorators deck this winter. Removing snow and ice with metal shovels and other sharp-edged tools can damage the deck surface.

Voyage Decking in Mesa with ALX Contemporary Cable Railing in Weathered Brown

By following these easy tips, homeowners can ensure that their Deckorators deck maintains its beauty for the next deck season. For more information on care and maintenance of Deckorators decking, visit our  FAQ page.