What a Professional Builder Can Do for You and Your Outdoor Project

Posted 21 August 2017 2:00 PM by Jase DeBoer

Not up to speed on the latest trends? Don’t have experience in major outdoor renovations? Is your calendar too hectic for home projects?

Choosing a professional builder for your outdoor living area provides multiple benefits for you and your home. Below are a few reasons you should utilize a pro. 

  • A professional builder can provide design ideas and has the experience needed to build the outdoor living space you’re looking for.
  • Your builder can manage the nerve-racking experience of obtaining permits and managing the building departments, which can save you time and energy.
  • Ordering too much or too little of a product can be an annoyance. A lot of time can be wasted running back to the store to buy more materials or to return unneeded materials. You can avoid costly mistakes with materials, time and design when using a pro.      
  • Instead of spending your money on specialty tools for a one-time use or finding somebody who has the tools to borrow, a pro will bring their tools and techniques to achieve a quality project. 
  • It is the pro’s job to understand the material supply chain. They will know when to place orders for specific material and how long they will take to arrive. They are also trained to know how materials assemble and perform. They can easily identify issues and troubleshoot problems that arise.
  • Most importantly, the pro will be able to complete your project in a timely manner. What could take you 6 to 8 weeks could be done in 2 to 4 weeks utilizing an expert builder.  

Finding a builder with the correct skill set to complete your outdoor project can be a daunting experience. Deckorators® makes it easy for you to find an experienced contractor with our Deckorators Certified Pro program. A Deckorators Certified Pro is a trained, licensed and insured installation professional.

Take advantage of our Contractor Locator and enter your zip code to view a list of contractors in your area. Our Certified Pros can be easily identified as they have the Deckorators Certified Pro icon next to their company listing: 

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