See Your Backyard Deck Before You Build It

Posted 15 June 2017 5:33 PM by Jase DeBoer

Just as it’s difficult to tell how carpet will look in your home from a swatch, it’s difficult to tell what decking will look like from a sample board. The same is true for railing. That’s why it’s helpful to use a digital design program to look at the project before committing to a style or color of decking or railing. Easily add different decking, railing and accessories before making the final purchase.

The Deckorators® Deck Visualizer is a free design program that lets you plan your deck in a 360-degree environment. You can rotate and spin the image to see how it looks from different perspectives. It’s available as a mobile tablet app or as a desktop program. Access saved designs from either platform.

Deck Visualizer on Ipad

You can design the basic layout of your deck, choose from a variety of decking and railing materials and add finishing touches such as post caps or lighting options. As you design, the program automatically determines the understructure and calculates your material needs. The desktop version allows you to add a photo of your house for reference – or place a hot tub and other furniture in your design.

Here are a few things to try:

  • Shape your deck – A square deck is great, but other shapes might fit better with the unique design of your home. Explore various angles or even a cutout for a fire pit.
  • Multiple levels – Try adding multiple levels to your deck to create separate areas and add interest.
  • Decking style – Choose from any and every Deckorators style and color. Try picture framing the border of your deck. Then choose your desired fascia to bring it all together.
  • RailingAluminum, composite or cable? See how each style suits your deck.
  • Add the extras – New this year: Add safety to your deck with a deck gate or weatherproofing with Dexerdry®. Accent your corners with stone postcovers. It’s the details that make your deck unique.

House with multiple deck levels

When you’re done, you can download a report with a full list of materials and construction plans that you can use for a DIY build, or give to a Deckorators Certified Pro to build.