Outdoor Trends Coming in 2018

Posted 19 September 2017 12:00 AM by Jase DeBoer

It may still be 2017, but we’re looking ahead to 2018 trends for your outdoor living space. We’ll tell you what to expect in 2018 so you can get a head start on your backyard project.

  • Sleek, simple and modern metal finishes
  • Clear and unobstructed views so you can fully take in everything your backyard environment offers.  

    Deckorators Frontier Glass Balusters
  • Distressed decking mixed with standout accessories. The 2017 trend for the interior was a balanced blend of old and new. Think of distressed flooring with metallic hardware or granite countertops. The trend is flowing to your outdoor space in 2018.

    Vista Driftwood composite decking

  • Maximized space. If you have a second story deck, use the space below for another living area or outdoor storage for yard equipment, boats or even firewood. 
  • Front yards get decked out. The backyard has been the star of the show for decking, but 2018 will be the year to give your front porch a little TLC. Add composite decking to your front porch with a small bistro set and some decorative planter pots to create a chic addition to your front yard. 

    Front Porch

  • Tropical decking that is low maintenance. The upkeep of tropical hardwood is labor-intensive, requiring sanding, treating, staining and oiling to maintain that rich look. Composite decking resembles natural tropical hardwood without all the maintenance. All you have to do is simply enjoy the deck after installation.
  • Easier installation. Make your outdoor deck building project a time-saving breeze with intuitive, easy-to-use products made for homeowners and contractors alike. 
  • Personalized decks. Add flashy solar post caps to create a glowing ambiance, or a gate for additional security. 

    Deck gate

Now is the time to start gathering ideas for your outdoor space in 2018. The best place to start? The Deckorators® Deck Visualizer on desktop or mobile allows you to dream up any combination of designs without any monetary investment. The next step? Find a Certified Pro to help you with the project.