Maximize Your Outdoor Space

Posted 19 April 2018 1:54 PM by Jase DeBoer

A small home and yard doesn’t mean you have to miss out on additional outdoor living space. Below are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind if you’re building a new deck or trying to maximize your space.

First Things First
What will the deck be used for? Will you entertain friends with a small four-person patio set and grilling station, or use it as a quaint space to lounge and read?

Decide where your deck will be located and determine the shape. Square and rectangular shapes add square footage and are easier to build. The average deck size is 12’x16’. There are several different deck shapes and designs available. is useful and free resource for downloading deck plans. Click here to view deck plans.

Map It Out
Use a Deck Design tool to digitally render your future deck. Keep the deck simple and to scale with your home. Deck design tools like the Deckorators Deck Designer allow you to map out your deck location and size. You don't want to build a deck that will overwhelm your backyard or home. Also, try to use deck colors and railing finishes that complement your home.

Additional Shade
Planting a tree is always a great idea. However, a tree can take a few years to establish ample shade coverage. If your backyard living area is getting too much sun to comfortably enjoy the outdoors, add a pergola. For more shade and additional privacy, use lattice to enclose an area.

Shaded deck area with pergola  Shade coverage with pergola

Outdoor Oasis
Make the most with what you have. Instead of tossing plants or trees that are located where your deck will be built, look around to see if they can be replanted in your yard or around your new structure. Take advantage of your existing outdoor environment.

Use your existing outdoor oasis

Finding a Solution

Avoid not having enough entertainment space by adding a deck Deck Rail Table. A rail table is convenient because of its portability and ease of installation. Pop this table up to host an intimate dinner with a friend or use it as a drink station for a party.

 Deck Rail Table for small backyards

Don’t let your small deck or backyard be the last part of the house to get some attention. Maximize your home’s potential! Comment below or tag us on Facebook to let us know what you did to enhance your outdoor living space.