4 Tips to Refresh Your Outdoor Space

Posted 24 July 2019 3:22 PM by Jase DeBoer

You may be thinking it's too late for updates to your deck or maybe you currently don’t have the time to take on any big outdoor projects. Rest assured, there are other ways to bring your space back to life with these four quick and easy deck updates.

Define Your Space
Before you can do anything to your deck, create an open space for a fresh start. Remove everything that’s currently on your deck and give yourself a clean foundation to work with.
If you need to wash your deck, we recommend using mild soap and water. Planning on using a power washer? We recommend using a fan-tip nozzle on the lowest setting (Rule of thumb when power washing composite decking is to not get closer than 8 inches to the deck board with nozzle. This should be noted here as well). 
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A Fresh Look
A fresh coat of paint to the exterior of your home is one way to breathe some new life into your outdoor space. Go with an eye-catching color to stand out or choose a neutral tone to correlate with the existing color scheme of your outdoor space.
Another way to add a fresh look to your outdoor space is to conceal your deck understructure by adding a deck skirt using lattice. Or if you’re looking to add some privacy to your outdoor space, building a privacy wall using lattice is another great choice.
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Luminous Style
Solar or low-voltage post caps are a terrific addition to any deck. Not only do they provide a glowing ambiance but they are also a practical safety feature so you and your guests can enjoy your deck into the evening hours. There are many post caps styles available and they are a great way to express your personality outdoors. String lights are another perfect way to easily invoke a captivating ambience on your deck.
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Rich Greenery
Adding planter pots filled with flowers, succulents or any type of outdoor plant will add a positive and cozy ambiance to your deck. Or for a welcoming decoration consider matching pots on the sides of a doorway.
Outdoor pots come in various shapes, sizes and are a wonderful way to give your deck character.
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These four quick and easy updates are the perfect way to fine-tune and give your deck a refresher with minimal time and effort. Comment below with other ways you’ve updated your deck.