5 Tips for Choosing the Right Color Scheme for Your Home

Posted 5 August 2020 5:30 AM by Jase DeBoer

Our homes are where we express ourselves and tell our unique style story. Composite decks are one of the most sought-after home features but choosing the right deck color to complement your home can feel daunting. We are suggesting five deck and siding color scheme ideas to help get you started!

Tan & Beige Siding

If your home's exterior consists of warm neutral tones like tan or beige, consider pairing these colors with the rich look of brown variegated decking. The bold color-streaking throughout the deck boards will lend a cohesive transition from your home’s exterior to your outdoor space. Add in a simple black aluminum railing system and black lattice to complete this timeless, traditional look. The greenery in your landscaping will surely pop with this deck and siding color scheme. 

Light & Dark Gray Siding

Brown variegated decking also pairs well with cool neutral tones such as light or dark gray. The rich brown color of the decking makes a bold statement when paired with white composite railing and accessories. The white composite railing will tie in nicely with the white window trim for a complete look.


For those seeking a more understated or monochromatic look, consider pairing reddish-brown decking with brown aluminum railing, as it will enhance the natural features of your home while complementing your exterior design.  

White Siding


Gray variegated decking is a great color option for homes with white siding and black window and door trim. The color streaking within the deck board will provide your outdoor space with some depth. Complete this modern farmhouse look with black aluminum railing and accent lighting, such as low-voltage post caps and step lights, to create the perfect backyard oasis that you can enjoy long into the evening hours. 

Blue Siding

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No matter what region you live in, there are some exterior colors that are universally popular, such as the many shades of blue. Whether your home is located near a serene beach or in a quiet suburban neighborhood, pairing variegated gray decking with a rich, vivid blue is a perfect choice. The subtle gray tones of the decking complement the cool tones of the blue exterior, creating a relaxing backdrop to your outdoor retreat. Complete the look with black aluminum railing or white composite railing for that added finishing touch.

Green Siding 


For those with homes that that are rich in personality and color such as green, consider pairing this colorful siding with brown or reddish-brown decking to create a fresh look that’s anything but boring. Add brown aluminum railing, solar or low-voltage post caps and step lights to achieve the perfect balance of both color and design that is sure to catch the eye of envious neighbors. 

Whether your home’s exterior is a warm or cool neutral tone – or even a fun pop of color like blue or green, you’re sure to find the perfect composite deck color to complement your outdoor space with our decking.

To discover a complete list of our composite deck color options, check out our color selector and order a sample to truly see which color pairs best with your siding.