Choose Your Deck Color with Confidence

Posted 3 July 2020 2:30 PM by Jase DeBoer

You did it! You’ve decided you’re ready to build a new deck. But now you need to choose a decking color. Brown or gray? Streaked or solid? One color all over or frame the deck with another color? So. Many. Choices. We know it can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help.

Let's begin by discussing "warm color tones versus cool color tones.” You may have heard this phrase before when it comes to paint colors—or even hair dye! It is used to describe the undertones of a color. For example, when something is referred to as warm toned, think of golden sunlight or a cozy fireplace. When something is cool, think of the soothing calmness of water or sky. Let's say you choose a gray deck board. If it leans towards a darker hue with more brown tones in it, then it is warm. If it seems to cast blue or pink tones, then it is considered a cool tone. 

What about the grain features? Solid-colored deck boards bring traditional style, while deck boards with grain streaking or variegation make a bold statement. 

We're breaking down our brown and gray deck board color families for you! 

Mineral-Based Composite Decking (MBC)

These boards are one-of-a-kind, from their appearance to the patented Eovations™ technology they’re made with.

BROWNS: Voyage Khaya, Voyage Costa and Voyage Mesa; Vault Mesquite; Frontier Woodland

150x150SwatchesVoyageKhaya 150x150SwatchesVoyageCosta 150x150SwatchesVoyageMesa 150x150SwatchesVaultMesquite 150x150SwatchesFrontierWoodland

GRAYS: Voyage Sierra and Tundra; Vault Dusk; Frontier Summit

150x150SwatchesVoyageSierra 150x150SwatchesVoyageTundra 150x150SwatchesVaultDusk 150x150SwatchesFrontierSummit

If you love dark variegation or streaking in our boards, consider adding a border around your deck with our Picture Frame Board in Dark Slate. This board sings in harmony with our Voyage decking line and is very popular in today’s deck designs. If the dark slate color is too bold for you, add another color from the same family.


For example, Voyage Decking in Sierra and Tundra are warm and cool tones together that create a gorgeous look for all the gray lovers out there! You’ll have the best of both worlds. 

150x150SwatchesVoyageSierra 150x150SwatchesVoyageTundra

Traditional Wood-Plastic Composite Decking 

These boards are simply that. A traditional deck board made from a combination of highly compressed wood and plastic composite materials. 

BROWNS: Vista Ironwood and Vista Dunewood; Trailhead Canyon and Trailhead Pathway

150x150SwatchesVistaIronwood Vista Dunewood Swatch  

GRAYS: Vista Driftwood and Vista Silverwood; Trailhead Ridgeline


Of course, you want your your decking choice to complement the color of your home, so keep that in mind. If your house is neutral enough, then let your creativity flow! Some of our boards can lean towards a warm or cool tone depending on what your home exterior looks like. 

Be confident in your color choice by ordering a sample of our decking by visiting: