4 Mood Boards to Inspire Your Home’s Outdoor Style

Posted 4 May 2020 4:30 PM by Jase DeBoer

If you’re looking to take your outdoor space to the next level but are inquiring about which composite decking and aluminum railing products will work best with your home’s aesthetic, you’re at the right place! With a number of product lines to consider, the decision process can become a little overwhelming.

Not to worry! We’re sharing four unique outdoor deck themes as a guide to discover your own personal style and help you choose your selections with ease. Ensuring that the outside appearance of your home flows with your new deck investment is important. Let’s take a closer look at these specialized, mapped-out outdoor deck themes.

Modern Living Space
When you combine these decking and railing colors, your outdoor space will be set up with a timeless design that will never go out of style. Vista Decking in Silverwood is a great color option for homes with neutral or cool-toned exteriors. We recommend incorporating ALX Contemporary Railing in Brushed Titanium paired with Privacy Diamond Lattice in Black. With a neutral color pallet, feel free to go bold with accent pieces such as outdoor furniture and rugs.

Rustic Retreat
There’s something about brown tones that creates a cozy yet rustic and natural feeling to a house. Voyage Decking In Khaya goes well with neutral color siding such as tans and beiges, or classic brick. This true brown color will make a bold statement when paired with our ALX Classic Railing in Weathered Brown featuring Estate Aluminum Balusters in Weathered Brown. For a unique look, try bringing in some bold fabric colors such as a honey-yellow for your outdoor furniture.

Coastal Oasis
You don’t have to live on the waterfront to bring the seaside vibes to your backyard. Voyage Decking in Tundra fuses nicely with greys and light blue undertones. The color-streaking throughout the board will lend a rich, tropical look while complementing your outdoor space. We recommend using ALX Contemporary Pre-assembled Railing in Textured White and Solar Post Caps in White. Privacy Diamond Lattice in White is a great addition if you're looking to improve the privacy of your outdoor area while adding another layer of color and cohesiveness with your railing and post caps.

Bohemian Backyard
There’s something about lounging on your deck that really connects you to a place of relaxation and ease. This color palette will lend a peaceful, serene tone to your space. Trailhead Decking in Pathway pairs nicely with neutral browns, tans and off-white colored homes. Homes with a reddish-brown or tan brick exterior pair well with this traditional decking. Our recommendation is to accessorize with dark tones such as our ALX Contemporary Railing in Textured Black. If you’re really looking to create a cohesive look, build your surrounding landscaping to include neutral-toned flora. No matter the season, verdant vegetation will add a pop of color to the surrounding outdoor living space. 

If you are looking for more of a cohesive flow from your home’s exterior color to your deck, then stay in the same color family: gray siding with gray decking or brown siding with brown decking. Otherwise, there really is no right or wrong when it comes to selecting that “perfect decking” for your home. Make your outdoor space an expression of your own personal style! 

Hopefully, mapping out these outdoor deck themes will help guide you in choosing the ideal decking for your home’s style. If you’d like to see more unique deck color options, take a look at all our decking families, mix and match decking with our Color Selector tool or check out more of our outdoor deck maps on Pinterest.