Key Safety Features for Your Deck

Posted 6 November 2020 3:38 PM by Jase DeBoer

Safety features often take a backseat when planning a new deck build. However, regardless of your current needs, adding these necessary features to your deck will add long-term equity to your outdoor living space. Fortunately, creating a safe space outdoors is easier than you may think!

Slip Resistance is Key

A turn in the weather can cause your deck to go from safe to slippery in an instant. Typical wood and PVC decks may become slick with wet weather conditions, so selecting a slip-resistant deck board is a smart choice when planning your deck build. Mineral-based composite (MBC) decking offers up to 34% or greater traction than leading deck boards. As an added bonus, MBC decking is rated for ground and water contact.

November blog image 1
This deck by Wight’s Deck + Design features Deckorators® Voyage Decking in Khaya, a popular MBC option

Get a (Better) Grip

Stairs may become a safety hazard, regardless if they are wet or dry. Key safety features of your stairs should include both stair treads and a railing. If necessary, an ADA-compliant secondary handrail can also be installed. A secondary handrail is a great feature for those who may need a more secure grip while using stairs. Our secondary handrail is a great choice for both residential and commercial sites as it offers ADA compliance without an industrial look.

November blog image 4
Deckorators offers secondary handrail components to match the color and finish of your railing

Creating Closed-off Spaces

When using your deck as a secondary living space or family room, keeping children and pets safe may become a concern. A simple add-on to create a safe space is an ALX Contemporary Gate. Creating a closed-off space is an effective way to keep your little ones safe while enjoying your deck.  

November blog image 3
Safety gates are an easy add-on feature that can be installed in a short amount of time

Light Up Your Space

If you plan on utilizing your deck during the evening and nighttime hours, adding lighting features to your deck build is a must. Light features can be integrated into your railing with post caps and our ALX Post Extension, giving you options to create soft lighting to enjoy your space well into the night. Step lights and sconces illuminate stair sets to help mitigate slips and trips.

November blog image 2
The ALX Post Extension makes hanging your outdoor bistro lights easy

With many safety features available, creating a safe space can be done with minimal effort. As you’re planning your new deck, remember all of these can be easily integrated into your building project. Are you looking to start your project sooner rather than later? Fill out our get a quote form today!