5 Ways to Carry Interior Trends Outside

Posted 27 August 2021 1:02 PM by Jase DeBoer

Most of us have heard the phrase “bringing the outside in,” but how about turning your attention to “bringing the inside out”? Making an outdoor space an extension of your home’s interior means you’ll have not only an extra “room” to enjoy but also a harmonious flow between both areas. By using the best materials, colors and styles available, you’ll be able to beautifully blend the boundaries.

Get On Board With Gray
Colors play a big part in how we feel in our homes, and the same principle applies to outdoor areas. Get them right and you’ll create a space you can’t resist. Neutral colors and shades of gray are in, as are hues inspired by nature. Bring these hues outside for a lovely look that blends with any neutrals used indoors.

While it is common to use a single gray color option, the use of multiple gray tones offered within the same lineup is an optimal choice. The multi-width boards also create dimension for a stylish solution.

 Close up of Voyage Decking with Dark Slate
Photo courtesy of Certified Pro Rian LeBlanc, featuring Voyage Decking in Costa and Sierra with Picture-Frame Board in Dark Slate.

Create a Custom Wood Look
Hardwood flooring has always been a popular option for interiors. Blur the lines between indoors and out by mirroring the look of this material outside. Wood-effect composite decking replicates the look and feel of hardwood, but it can better withstand the elements and requires less maintenance than the real thing.

By laying the decking in a style that reflects the pattern of your interior flooring, you’ll help continue your run of flooring from inside to out. Decking can be installed to replicate the look of any pattern or width used on interior floors. For example, if your interior hardwood floor uses 3½-inch planks, we can match that same board width on your deck. You can also choose varied-plank decking for an authentic wood-floor look.

This Old House - sliding doors looking out onto a deck with Voyage Decking This Old House
Photos by Anthony Tieul from This Old House feature.

The use of hidden fasteners and/or pro plugs is a popular way to discreetly secure deck boards, allowing the decking to be your focal point. Seeing screws or nails in a straight line every 12 or 16 inches screams ‘“This is a deck,” but when those screws and nails are no longer visible, the space feels much more of an extension of the interior flooring.

Close up of Voyage Decking
Hidden fasteners give a clean, fastener-free look, similar to interior flooring.

If you don’t have wood floors inside, consider tying in your decking choice to other wood elements such as butcher-block countertops, kitchen cabinetry or even a dining table.

Leave Views Uninterrupted
Whether you have a beautiful vista or simply want to ensure that you can see what the kids are up to, having unobstructed views is important both indoors and out. Our Contemporary Cable Rail is a solid choice, giving a seamlessly clean look to your deck while simultaneously allowing you to see beyond the boundaries of your deck space.

Again, mirroring the materials you’ve used inside will help your interior and exterior feel cohesive. Choose a contemporary railing in a finish that’s similar to that of any contemporary interior elements, such as lighting fixtures and kitchen appliances.

Voyage Decking
Deck built by Certified Pro Precision Construction, featuring Voyage Varied-Plank Decking in Costa and Khaya with ALX Contemporary Cable Railing in Textured Black.

Create Defined ‘Rooms’
Just as you might create functional spaces for entertaining, cooking and dining inside, the same can be done outdoors. Allow each part of your space to serve a purpose. Consider the importance of lighting in your cooking zone, the amount of room adequate for your lounging area or whether or not privacy is needed for a hot tub or spa zone.

Once you’ve decided on your zones, treat them as you would any room indoors by thinking about your flooring, rugs, seating and lighting, with your fence or decking boundaries serving as your “walls.”

Depending on how you style each zone, you are creating spaces that hopefully bring style and functionality to your home.

Drone shot of house with large deck Drone shot of house with large deck
Photos courtesy of Cascade Fence and Deck featuring Voyage Decking in Costa and Picture Frame Board in Dark Slate.

Have Fun With Finishes
Once you’ve chosen your decking, it’s time to get creative by replicating stylish indoor finishes outside with lighting, furnishings and railings. Think textured black, bronze or even anodized aluminum, which gives the look of stainless steel. The powder-coated black railings seen here pop against the white furnishings and brown wood-effect deck for a modern look.

ALX Aluminum Railing in Textured Black
Deck built by Certified Pro Mercury Decks featuring Voyage Decking in Khaya with Picture Frame Board in Dark Slate, ALX Aluminum Railing in Textured Black.

ALX Aluminum Railing looks amazing alongside the natural look of hardwood-effect decking too as an accent that adds a quality finishing touch.

Creating a cohesive, beautiful outdoor space is attainable with the right materials, colors and styles. Ready to start your next outdoor project? We have Certified Pros ready to assist you. Locate a contractor near you today!