Spring Spruce-Ups For Your Outdoor Space

Posted 28 February 2022 2:36 PM by Jase DeBoer

Warmer weather is upon us, which means we finally break free from a long winter season of being cooped up indoors and spend the longer evening hours outdoors. As we head into the spring season, there is typically maintenance to complete to your home’s exterior and landscaping to get you into the full swing of summer.

Clean Your Deck and Home Exterior

Your deck, patio, driveway and siding probably took a beating over the past year. Falling leaves likely left tannins that stain flat surfaces, and the splashes of melting snow and spring rains may have left your siding covered in filth.

To clean your deck, begin by sweeping off your deck boards and clearing out any cracks, crevices and grooves. We recommend using soap or detergent mixed with water to remove any dirt from your deck boards. Power washers can be used to clean deck boards; however, a fan-tip nozzle should be used and set on the lowest setting. Most power washers are safe for use for your home exterior too.

Keep in mind, as spring progresses, many trees shed pollen, catkins, flowers and more. Make sure to keep your surfaces clear to ensure that these droppings don’t further stain your surfaces.

Cleaning your deck to remove dirt and stains can be done on a regular basis. Photo credit: Tara Hill Construction, Ltd.

Replace Damaged Deck Boards

Typical wooden decks may splinter over time with excessive shoveling during the winter and heavy use over the summer. Make sure to replace damaged boards to avoid accidents.

Replacing a deck board is easier than you may think!

Give Your Garden and Lawn Some TLC

As perennials begin to make their appearance, take special note to the plants that are starting to fade. Perennials have different life spans; some range a few years, while others will last over a decade. As you see the older bulbs beginning to wane, go ahead and dig them up now, before you lose sight of them later in the season. While the ground is soft, aerate and seed your lawn, as well as edge your landscaping.  

Premier Outdoor Living Deck featuring Deckorators Voyage Decking Now is the time to clean up your flower beds, landscaping and lawn. Photo credit: Premier Outdoor Living, LLC

Schedule Any Necessary Repairs

If you’ve come across any outdoor necessities that need immediate attention, you’ll want to schedule repairs as soon as you’re able. Roof damage from snow and ice, rusted spigots and damaged decks may require the attention of a building professional. Most contractors have a busy building season ahead of them, so thoroughly evaluating your home exterior is a must in order to get on their calendars.

If some items, such as your deck, are beyond normal maintenance and repair, it may be time to replace! Reach out to a local Certified Pro to get started.

Certified Pro drilling on Deckorators Deck
We have certified pros ready to assist you. Photo credit: Scott Pravada

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