Unlock Your Home's Style Potential: Perfect Deck and Siding Color Schemes Revealed

Posted 27 June 2023 6:45 PM by Michelle Hendricks

Your home is a canvas for self-expression, and your deck plays a vital role in telling your unique style story. Composite decks have become highly coveted, but selecting the right deck color to complement your home can be a challenging task. That's why we're here to help. We've curated six deck and siding color scheme ideas that will inspire and guide you on your journey!

Tan & Beige Siding
If your home's exterior consists of warm neutral tones like tan or beige, consider pairing these colors with the rich look of brown or tan variegated decking. The bold color-streaking throughout the deck boards will lend a cohesive transition from your home’s exterior to your outdoor space. Add in a simple black aluminum railing system and black accents to complete this timeless, traditional look. The greenery in your landscaping will surely pop with this deck and siding color scheme.

Deck with furniture composite decking Staircase with black railing 

Blue Siding
No matter where you reside, certain exterior colors are universally adored, and blue is undoubtedly one of them. Pair variegated gray decking with a rich, vivid blue siding for a striking exterior. The subtle gray tones of the decking beautifully complement the cool blue walls, creating a serene backdrop for your outdoor retreat. Enhance the overall look with contemporary cable railing for that extra touch of finesse.

Blue house with grey decking and furniture  Deck with blue house

Grey Siding
Cool neutral tones such as light or dark gray beautifully complement brown decking. The neutral brown color of the decking makes a bold statement when paired with white composite railing and accessories. For an extraordinary visual statement, black contemporary cable railing creates a captivating contrast against bold-colored window trim, resulting in a truly distinctive and refined aesthetic.

Grey house with red window framing and black railing  Brown Deck with Grey house

White Siding
For homes adorned with white siding and elegant black window and door trim, both gray and brown variegated decking options make for an excellent color choice. The subtle streaks of color within the deck boards add depth and dimension to your outdoor space. To achieve a modern farmhouse aesthetic, complement this color scheme with sleek black aluminum railing and accent lighting, such as Low-voltage Recessed Step Lights. These elements will seamlessly blend together to create a captivating backyard oasis that can be cherished well into the evening hours.

Deck with couch Deck with lights

Brick Siding
If your home boasts charming brick siding, pairing it with tan decking creates a captivating and inviting outdoor space. The warm tones of tan decking beautifully complement the earthy hues of brick, resulting in a harmonious and cohesive look.

Deck at dusk with four chairs  Deck with chairs and fire pit

Yellow Siding
Yellow siding brings a cheerful and vibrant energy to any home exterior, and when paired with gray decking, it creates a captivating and modern look. The combination of yellow and gray offers a refreshing and contemporary aesthetic.

Deck with furniture and fire pit Yellow house with grey decking

Whether your home's exterior boasts warm or cool neutral tones, or even a bold pop of color like blue or yellow, Deckorators offers the perfect composite decking to complement your outdoor space. Explore our complete range of composite deck colors using our color selector tool and request free samples to see firsthand how our decking beautifully harmonizes with your home.