Dexerdry between Vault deck boards

Dexerdry installed in decking

Dexerdry Profile

Vault Hickory decking installed with weatherproofing system to create a dry zone under raised deck


Easily create dry zones under raised decks.

Deckorators® Dexerdry® is a simple weather-proofing system that allows builders and homeowners to create a dry zone under a raised deck, as well as eliminate water issues from ground level decks providing more usable outdoor living space. Dexerdry makes it possible to add extra outdoor living space and storage areas, with the confidence that they will not be affected by precipitation from the above deck structure. Decks built with Dexerdry require 1/8” slope per foot of framing; pitched away from home, to allow for proper runoff. Dexerdry is easy to install and maintain, it is available in black, in 12', 16' and 20' lengths.

A proprietary extrusion uniquely crafted to fit snugly within the slotted edges of Deckorators decking, creating a water-tight seal. 

Deckorators is no longer distributing Fastendry™ and is focusing on Dexerdry for weather-proofing solutions.  

Style Tip

Dexerdy installed in between Deckorators slotted-edge deck boards to prevent water draining to the level below.

Product Literature

Installation Instructions

  • Deckorators Dexerdry® Installation [pdf - 496 KB] - English - French


Yes, Deckorators decking carries a Class C fire rating, which is the same class as natural wood.

No. While Deckorators decking does provide superior surface integrity and strength, it is not suitable for structural applications.

While no formal testing has been done, we have not seen or heard of any ill effects from standard pool chemicals.