Stowaway Hidden Fastener

Discreetly secure deck boards.

Deckorators® Stowaway hidden fasteners discreetly secure deck boards to joists using the grooved edges of decking. The Stowaway screw comes preloaded, making the installation process faster, saving time and money. Stowaway hidden fasteners provide a fastener-free look and consistent 1/4" spacing between deck boards. Deck boards are automatically spaced at proper intervals, and the need for predrilling and countersinking are eliminated.

View our Compatible Deck Fastener Information Sheet to ensure that you choose the right fastener for your project.

Installation Instructions

  • Grooved Decking Installation Using Stowaway™ Hidden Fasteners [pdf - 307 KB] - English - French - Spanish

Technical Information


Yes. Deckorators decking must be gapped at the ends to allow for expansion and contraction and gapped between boards for water runoff. At the ends of the deck boards, allow a minimum of 1/16" gap for every 20°F of difference between the installation temperature and the hottest temperature expected. Allow a 1/4" gap between the deck boards and between all decking and any permanent structure or post for water runoff. For more information, refer to the installation instructions.

Deckorators composite decking, manufactured by UFP Ventures II, Inc., has been evaluated by ICC-ES to be code compliant with details listed under the PFS-TECO RR-0100 Evaluation Report (pdf - 1 MB). The structural performance of the Deckorators ALX railing system has been tested and evaluated by professional engineers at an independent third-party test laboratory known as Architectural Testing Inc (ATI). The results demonstrate that the different combinations of the Deckorators railing system as noted in ATI's CCRR Report 0171 complies with 2012 International Building Code; 2012 International Residential Code; ICC-ES AC174 effective January 2012; ASTM D7032-08; and ANSI Z97.1-2009.

A clear 2" space between the bottom edge of the joists and grade is recommended to allow proper ventilation.