Deckorators Ipe Tropical Hardwood Decking and Cladding on modern home

Deckorators Ipe Tropical Hardwood Decking privacy screen

Deckorators Ipe Tropical Hardwood deck tiles on Rooftop Deck

Deckorators Ipe Tropical Hardwood Decking and privacy screen

Ipe Tropical Hardwood

A strong, durable real-wood deck board with an exotic look and feel.

Our Ipe tropical hardwood decking is the perfect choice for those who insist upon real wood and the highest quality. Known for its extreme durability, strength and beautiful appearance, it’s a top choice when building real-wood structures. Because of these attributes, Ipe is found on decks, docks and boardwalks throughout the world.

  • Milled to smooth four sides and eased edge for comfort.
  • Low maintenance, lasting quality  
  • Kiln-dried available for greater stability in addition to air-dried product
  • Termite and rot-resistant
  • Beautiful rich brown color can be maintained with regular oil treatments. Fades to a natural silver grey when left untouched.
  • Available Sizes: 5/4" x 6" - 8', 10', 12', 14', 16', 18', 20' and 1" x 6" - 8', 10', 12', 14', 16', 18', 20'.
  • Shorts are available from 3’-7’.
  • Sold by the lineal foot (random lengths).
  • Additional sizes may be available in your area.

 For questions or availability in your market, please email or call us at 800-556-8449.

Get This Look

Deckorators Ipe Tropical Hardwood Decking featuring ALX Contemporary Cable Railing in Textured Black with Ipe Tropical Hardwood Top Rail.

     Installation Instructions

    • Decking Installation [pdf - 116 KB] - English 


    You may regularly treat your Ipe decking with oil, however, because of its durability it is not necessary. It does not require a water sealant; however, we recommend adding a high-quality penetrating oil sealant as the final installation step. Without treatment, your Ipe deck will gradually fade to a natural silver/gray tone. If you wish to maintain the dark, rich color of the decking, routine oiling is required.

    Ipe decking is a hardwood, therefore, it requires a high-quality carbide-tipped saw/router blade for cutting and sharp drill bits. Additionally, it is a very heavy board and may require assistance in moving and placing the deck board.

    Periodic washing with a mild deck cleaning detergent and water is necessary to remove surface dirt that may accumulate on the surface of the board. Use a soft bristle brush to clean dirt and debris from the surface of the board. This will also prevent the buildup of pollen and debris that can cause mold and mildew growth. Pressure washers should be used with a fan-tipped nozzle to avoid cutting into or lifting the wood surface.