Deck & Stair Lighting

Ultra bright, low-voltage LED lights perfect for evenings outside.

These compact, ultra bright, low-voltage LED pierced recessed lights make decks both appealing and accessible after dusk. Versatile and easy to install, deck and stair lighting is a simple way to add a dramatic effect to your deck. Check out our Deck and Stair Lighting Kit installation video below.

  • They mount flush to any surface and are ideal for pathways, stairs, doorways, and step-downs
  • Lights come 8 to a package with transformer and light sensor included
  • Lights kits also come with the drill bit and extension wires
  • Lights can be spliced into a low voltage system using a cable connector


Installation Instructions


You are not required to, but you can bury the low voltage cable and the cable connector, no more than 6 inches deep.

Lighting components must be installed at least 10 feet away from a pool, spa or fountain.

Use a twist tie or thin piece of wire bent into a hook to reach into holes in the post sleeves and guide the cable through the holes.