Pierce System - Power your low voltage lighting system.

Deckorators® low voltage lighting system is powered by a low voltage transformer. Converts 120-volt household electricity to 12-volt. Plugs into a GFCI outdoor receptacle Features a timer and photo sensor for automatic shut-off of electricity. Available in 120-watt size.


Transformers reduce 120-volt household electricity to a safe 12-volt current. Do not attempt to hook up a low voltage system to an ordinary electrical outlet without using a 12-volt transformer.

You will need to buy a transformer that accommodates the wattage of your entire low voltage system. To determine the total wattage, add up the wattage of each fixture to be used. For example, if you are using 10 lights that are rated at 1 watt each, the total wattage of your system would be 10 watts.

No. The transformer should be connected directly into the outlet.