ALX Contemporary Gate in Textured Black

ALX Contemporary Gate in Textured White

ALX Contemporary Gate in Textured Black

ALX Contemporary Gate

Safety and style come together with our ALX Contemporary Gate or Gate Jamb Kit.

Available in 2021 icon

Complete your deck with our ALX Contemporary Gate or Gate Jamb Kit. Easy to install and use, this must-have feature will match your ALX Contemporary Railing to a tee. Keep your loved ones safe while enjoying your Deckorators® deck.

  • Pre-assembled 48” wide gate for 36” rail height
  • May be cut and re-sized to fit 36" to 48" wide openings
  • Includes gate hardware, hinges and latch
  • Gate is available in Textured Black and Textured White
  • Gate Jamb Kit available for 36” and 42” rail heights allowing for customized gate sizes
  • Gate Jamb Kit available in Textured Black, Textured White, Weathered Brown and Bronze
  • Made of powder-coated aluminum

Get This Look

Trailhead Decking in Canyon with ALX Contemporary Railing and Gate in Textured Black with 2.5" ALX Classic Solar Post Caps in Black.

Technical Information

  • ALX Contemporary Railing CCRR-0280 Evaluation Report - [pdf - 654 KB]

Care and Cleaning

  • ALX Care & Cleaning Information [pdf - 1 MB] - ENGLISH - FRENCH


Periodic washing with soap/detergent and water will help remove surface dirt. It is always a good idea to test the cleaner in a small, inconspicuous area prior to applying it to the entire railing system. A pressure washing should not be used to "blast" soils from the railing surface. A pressure washer with a fan-tipped nozzle should be used only to lightly wet or rinse railing surface.

While no formal testing has been done, we have not seen or heard of any ill effects from standard pool chemicals.

The structural performance of the Deckorators ALX Classic, ALX Contemporary, ALX Contemporary Cable and ALX Pro railing systems, has been tested and evaluated by professional engineers at an independent third-party test laboratory known as Intertek. The results demonstrate that the different combinations of the Deckorators railing system as noted in Intertek's CCRR-0161 (ALX Pro) and CCRR-0243 (ALX Classic), comply with 2012 and 2015 International Building Code and 2012 and 2015 International Residential Code. Deckorators ALX Contemporary Railing as noted in Intertek’s CCRR-0280 complies with 2015 and 2018 International Building Code and 2015 and 2018 International Residential Code.