ALX Post Extension

ALX Post Extension hardware with clip for attaching string lights

ALX Post Extension being installed

ALX Post Extension Kit

ALX Post Extension

Install outdoor lighting with ease with our ALX Post Extension.

Available in 2021 icon

Light up your deck with the ALX Post Extension. With an incredibly easy install, simply insert the extension into your new or existing ALX Aluminum Railing. An aluminum hardware clip is included with the post extension to hook your outdoor lighting from post to post.

  • 66” (5.5’) powder-coated aluminum posts in Textured Black
  • Can turn your 39” posts into 105” & 44” posts into 110”
  • Includes pre-installed inserts for fastening to an ALX 2-1/2" Post
  • Aluminum hardware included to attach string lights
  • Compatible with ALX 2-1/2" Post Kit

Get This Look

Voyage Decking in Costa and Khaya paired with ALX Contemporary Pre-assembled Railing in Textured Black with ALX Post Extensions.

Installation Instructions

  • ALX 2-1/2" Post Installation - [pdf - 304 KB] - English - French - Spanish
  • ALX Contemporary Pre-assembled Railing Installation - [pdf - 981 KB] - English - French - Spanish
  • ALX Classic Preassembled Installation - [pdf - 285 KB] - English
  • ALX Classic Railing Kit Installation - [pdf - 697 KB] - English - French - Spanish
  • ALX Pro Installation - [pdf - 344 KB] - English

Technical Information

  • Aluminum Railing CCRR-0161 Evaluation Report - [pdf - 2 MB]
  • Aluminum Railing - Ontario, Canada Sealed Drawings [pdf - 287 KB] 36" 42"

Care and Cleaning

  • ALX Care & Cleaning Information [pdf - 1 MB] - ENGLISH - FRENCH


Conventional tools for cutting, drilling and nailing can be used with Deckorators railing. We recommend using a sharp, carbide-tipped saw blade for cutting. For your safety, remember to wear protective clothing and safety glasses. Reference the Railing tab on the Installation Instructions page for railing instructions specific to each product line.

Glue is a supplemental adhesive and should never replace a fastener, especially in structural applications. Heavy-duty construction adhesive can be used, but we recommend testing on a small portion of your deck before using the adhesive throughout your whole application.

Periodic washing with soap/detergent and water will help remove surface dirt. It is always a good idea to test the cleaner in a small, inconspicuous area prior to applying it to the entire railing system. A pressure washing should not be used to "blast" soils from the railing surface. A pressure washer with a fan-tipped nozzle should be used only to lightly wet or rinse railing surface.