Solarband VersaCap

Versatile adjustable wireless post cap light fits most posts.

If your railing has multiple post sizes, our Solarband VersaCaps are a handy solution. Not only do they provide wireless LED lighting with a modern design, they adapt to fit most rail posts made of wood, vinyl or composite; and work with most leading post sleeves on the market.

Set includes 3 bracket inserts nested inside the base. Depending on the number of inserts used, the post cap fits most posts ranging from 3½" x 3½" to 4" x 4". Rechargeable batteries also included.


Get This Look

Venture Decking in Saltwater with Composite Railing with White Balusters and White Solarband VersaCaps

Product Literature

Installation Instructions

  • Solar Post Cap Installation - [pdf 102 KB] - English - French  


The rechargeable batteries should last approximately one year.

No, the solar post cap light is designed to be used with rechargeable batteries. If regular batteries are used in the sun, they will destroy the solar collector. We do have Solar Collector Replacement Units available.

With a normal usage of 6-8 hours per day, the LED bulbs should last an average of 10 years. We do have Solar Collector Replacement Units available.