Cable System

A sleek and contemporary cable rail system that can be installed with a wood railing.

The minimalist look of sleek, horizontal cable - in place of traditional vertical balusters - is like a breath of fresh air for your deck. Use our cable rail system with various wood railing options. For care and maintenance tips, see our Cable Railing blog post.

  • 3mm stainless steel cable is corrosion and rust resistant and works with swageless fittings and hardware
  • Cable is available in 100- and 500-foot lengths
  • Cable hardware packs are sold separately and include 2 eye lag screws, 1 fork jaw and 1 turnbuckle. Ten packs for 36" rail heights and 12 for 42" rail heights
  • Cable rail spacers (connectors included) are available in 34.5", 40.5" and 46" (stair spacer)
  • Post Protectors shield posts from cable abrasion that can occur at corner turns. This protector is easy to install into a 1/4" diameter hole - simply tap with a hammer. The 3/8" diameter outer flange provides solid grip and adds an attractive finished look



(bottom railing optional):
  • Works with wood posts/rail.
  • Cable can extend up to 30' and turn one corner.
  • Hardware packs include: 2 Eye lags, 1 fork jaw and 1 turnbuckle.


  • Purchase 10-packs for a 36" rail height or 12-packs for a 42" rail height, required for each start or stop of a run/post.


  • Available in 100' and 500' lengths.


  • (1) spacer required for a 6 ft section, (2) spacers required for an 8 ft section, 34.5" spacer for 36" rail heights, 40.5" spacer for 42" rail heights, 46" stair spacer


  • Post protectors are required for turning 45-degree corners – sold in packs of 10.

Installation Instructions


Use warm water and mild soap when cleaning. Avoid harsh solutions or abrasive cleaning materials, including but not limited to: alkaline or acidic cleaners or solutions containing trisodium phosphate, phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, fluorides or similar compounds. Avoid using power-cleaning tools. Clean the fittings and cable after installation and every 6 months thereafter.

We recommend a new 5/8" chrome-plated socket to protect the fitting from raw steel. Avoid installing with rusty tools, as they leave rust deposits on the surface of the fittings almost immediately. After installation, it is critical to clean the system completely with a stainless cleaner and a soft clean rag in order to clear the surface from carbon deposits. For more information, refer to the Cable Railing Installation Instructions.

The complete Deckorators line is available at retail lumberyards, home centers and through distributors. For more information, visit our Where to Buy page or call 800-556-8449. It is competitively priced in comparison to premium grades of wood decking and costs less than other high-end composite decking materials.